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Hanging Ten: Surfing the web, the surfing the waves
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Weather and Surf Report Resources

Storm Surf
An exhaustive source of links to a variety of weather data around the world, including wind, climate and buoy data. Also includes maps of surfing conditions and information about how to calculate swells in your area.

National Weather Service Wavewatch
An interactive presentation of wind and wave events around the globe. You can select to look at present conditions, short- or long-term forecasts, and see animations of wind speed and direction.

Buoy Data Summaries
From the National Weather Service, with links to pages that give detailed information about wave height, steepness, swell height, wind speed, and direction for each buoy operated by the Service.

La Jolla Surfing
Lots of information about tides, buoys, and wave models, plus tide, wave, and marine forecasts for California from the National Weather Service.

Oceanweather Inc.
Up-to-date, graphical information showing wave heights and direction and other marine observations, for all parts of the globe.

The Remarkable Ocean World
Web site with lots of information about things related to the ocean, including surf and tides. Some curriculum guides and do-at-home activities, too.

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