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What is Science Wire?

New technologies are changing the way we eat, take care of ourselves, visit the doctor, tell stories and make friends. Keeping up on current developments is vital to navigating our rapidly-changing society.

In August 1998, The World , produced by Public Radio International, began regular technology coverage with reporter Rebecca Roberts. Based in San Francisco, Rebecca produces weekly Lab Reports, news features, and in-depth series exploring the impact of new developments on our daily lives.

The Exploratorium has partnered with The World to produce a website that expands on Rebecca's reporting. We take her reports and other technology news from The World and offer links to radio stories, journal articles, experiments and additional information on topics in the technology headlines. Science Wire will also follow Rebecca through series investigating current issues like genetically modified foods and women's relationship to technology.

In addition, Science Wire will host six live webcasts , adding to the discussion already on the website. The programs will be researched, written, produced and performed by local youth, and will be broadcast live from the Exploratorium's Webcast Studio. The first webcasts are schedule for March, 2001.


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