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corn you are what you eat
American supermarket shelves are filled with products that contain some genetically-engineered material. Genetically modified foods have sparked a raging debate around the world Some groups demand the foods be tested and labeled, while others say GM can make farming more efficient and reduce malnutrition.
Japanese Subaru telescope

The mission of the Japanese Subaru Telescope in Hawaii is essentially to explore strange new worlds to boldly see what no man has seen before. And it seems that the telescope, based on the Big Island of Hawaii, is accomplishing its mission. Its latest deep field image takes us almost to the edge of the observable universe. It shows large elliptical galaxies, fainter ones of intense blue, and puzzling red objects thought to be young star systems engorged with dust.

bee on flower emulating bee flight
Engineers are turning to bees for clues about how to make smoother landings for aircraft. Some trials on remotely-controlled planes are already in the offing.
glowing microbe A Special Glow
Glowing bacteria can help locate soil contamination. And that's not all: scientists have discovered ways to make lots of living things light up.
light bulb A Special Glow
How are countries around the world dealing with energy shortages? By using the wind, the sun, and trash. This series looks at several nations are making use of renewable energy sources.


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