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Three times a year, students from San Francisco's Aim High Program will be producing a series of live webcasts, based on Science Wire topics, in conjunction with Live @ the Exploratorium.

Taking their cue from reports produced by Rebecca Roberts and others of Public Radio International's radio show The World , the students will write, produce, direct, and perform live programs broadcast on the web from the Exploratorium's webcast studio.

Oct 5, 2002

In these three short webcasts, our team of middle school students from the Aim High program investigate new technologies that use our unique physical traits as tools for identification.

Eye-D explores the possibilities of retinal scans.
The Whirl Reports looks at fingerprints
Vox Unlocks tunes into voice recognition.

Watch archives of past shows:

Sound Advice
May 4, 2002
Why do many things sound different underwater? How are echoes made? Can you feel or see sound? Join us as we delve into the mysteries of sound. This webcast will feature a Aim High student demonstrating how to make a membranophone; Exploratorium physicist Dr. Paul Doherty using ringing aluminum rods, corrugated plastic whirlies, and a slinky to model sound; and Marco Jordan, lead educator in the Exploratorium’s Outreach program, demonstrating sound science with a "whine" glass and a singing bowl. Watch the webcast.

E cho-logic
May 18, 2002
How do our ears work? Can we communicate without words? How do whales communicate under water? Why don’t bats slam into trees as they fly? Middle school students will interview Exploratorium Educator Ken Finn on guitar, Biologist Dr. Karen Kalumuck on sonar, and special surprise guests! Watch the webcast.

Learn more about the Aim High program
Learn more about bats and efforts being done in the Bay Area to save them .
Hear sounds from instruments made and played by The Paul Dresher Ensemble
For more about sound, see the Underwater Conflict section.

July 24th, 2001

Me, Myself and Eye webcast Eighteen students from Aim High campuses across San Francisco spent their summer at the Exploratorium delving into the mysteries of human perception. Find out why things are not always was they appear to be.

Read more about it
Listen to the webcast


The Glow Show

The Spring 2001 Aim High webcasts , in which nine Aim High students explore shadows and light, and build their own energy machines.

You can read more about the broadcasts, watch the shows, and learn how to build your own stripped down motor on the webcast page !

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