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Technology in Iceland
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The World's Iceland Series
reports by Rebecca Roberts
Jan. 2001

Iceland sculpture

High Tech Trendsetters:
Everyone in Iceland has a cell phone. According to a recent report from the GSM association , Iceland beats Finland for the highest percapita use of cell phones worldwide. The World's technology reporter, Rebecca Roberts went to Iceland to learn more about these "high-tech trendsetters," of the North Atantic.
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DNA Database:
Iceland is also a treasure trove for genetic researchers. Its homogeneous and well-documented gene pool makes Iceland a kind of laboratory for the study of genes and disease. Last year, an Icelandic biotech company won an exclusive licence to build a data base of genealogical records there.
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The Lava Wonderland
Iceland is a geological wonderland. Its landscape is dotted with bright glaciers and steamy geysers. Earthquakes regularly shake the frozen ground. And the island nation is home to dozens of volcanos -- some of them brewing under ice and seawater.
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Running on Hydrogen:
Iceland, to its credit, is pursuing a different course of energy action from other nations. They've got an idea about how to run their cars, factories, and even fishing trawlers, and, if it can work anywhere, it just might work in Iceland.
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The Family Name Game:
The name game is easy to play in Iceland. Take your father's first name and add the the word "son" or "daughter. So, if like The World's technology correspondent, your name is Rebecca Roberts and your father's first name is Steven, then your Icelandic name is Rebecca Stevensdottir.
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